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Learn your natural

Marketing Personality

Success in marketing is all about understanding people. That means understanding a ton of personalities!

Plus, to achieve the success you deserve, you need to know the natural strengths inherent in your own personality, too. That’s where the American Marketing Association steps in.

We’ve crafted an industry defining way to do just that through the AMA’s Marketing Personality Test. Find out about your personality’s strengths and learn how to capitalize on your natural abilities! Watch video overview


What You’ll Gain from Taking the Assessment

Take the AMA’s Marketing Personality Test, and you’ll get a personalized report on your personality strengths, customized advice, and more!

Learn About Yourself

Are you an extroverted Social Butterfly, an introverted Turtle, or a little of each? See how you should use your natural instincts!

See How You Measure Up

We’ll tell you how you compare to the 1000+ marketers who have already taken the assessment, so you’ll know how you fit into the larger picture.

Overcome Weaknesses

You’ll learn when your personality could lead to trouble, as well as how to handle and avoid those situations.

Get Advice

Are there fields of marketing that you might consider, based on your skills and traits? How should someone with your strengths handle common challenges?

Get Specific Marketing Tips

The Marketing Personality Test is designed only for marketing professionals, so it measures the most important traits and explains the real world applications.

Leverage Your Strengths

You’ll get tips and advice on how to best use your personality traits to your advantage.

Mesh with Others

Everyone is different! So it’s worth learning strategies for communicating with people who are wired differently than you are.

Have a blast!

Remember, it’s all about you and how you can personally become the most successful marketer!

Personalized. Actionable. Marketing specific.

You might have taken a personality test before, but not like this one! To build the AMA Marketing Personality Test, we worked with over 1000 marketing professionals to finely hone its effectiveness for the marketing industry.

You’ll learn how to best leverage your own natural personality traits and also how you compare and mesh with other marketing professionals. You’ll find out if you’re a little bit of a Steamroller, or a super Steamroller, and what being a Steamroller even means!

Waiting for assessment. It's popular.
Waiting for assessment. It's popular. So document. Much detail.

So take the AMA’s Marketing Personality Test and gain a unique, comprehensive understand yourself and your natural marketing strengths.

So document. Much detail.

What Marketers Are Saying

"Deliberate introspection is often a powerful step toward next level performance as a marketing professional. The AMA Marketing Personality Test revealed some of my strengths and weaknesses that I hadn't recognized before, or perhaps hadn't spent enough time thinking about. I will definitely apply personal findings gleaned from the assessment to my day-to-day work habits."
-Jodie Orozco, Vice President of Marketing & Partnerships, Tampa, FL
“I found the results to be pretty much on target to who I am. Given the results, I think this test could be quite valuable in the hiring process and with staff who we might be thinking of assigning to other work or teams. The results could help determine decision making and potential success.”
-Ann Keeling, President, Cincinnati, OH
“Free spirit, experimenter, strategizer, logician – all these traits help to define important characteristics of a good marketer. Lo and behold, the survey confirmed what I believed to be my core attributes. It was nice to discover that what I seek to achieve is supported by my knowledge, beliefs, activities and aspirations. Thanks for the opportunity to participate.”
-Manny Padilla Jr., Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Van Nuys, CA
“The AMA Personality Test was spot on with where I feel I am in my professional marketing career. It was interesting to view my results in comparison to other marketers and see where we are similar and where we differ. This has already been a valuable tool in determining where I should focus my growth professionally and personally. Great assessment of how personality effects professional environments!”
-Rachel Ziebell, Marketing Associate, Minneapolis, MN
“Very interesting approach, really enjoyed the work situation scenarios, these may offer the most insight into our personality. I recommend taking the test.”
-Michel Durocher, Director of Business Development, Gatineau, QC, Canada
“What an excellent tool for learning more about myself and how I stack up to my peers. A must have tool for any manager to help understand their team! I really appreciated that the results were broken down into categories. I will definitely be sharing this with the marketing faculty who I'm sure will be using it in class!”
-Travis Rotenburger, Program and Marketing Coordinator, Saskatoon SK, Canada
“I always enjoy learning more about myself and how I am perceived by others. This is likely because I am a Strategizer according to this test, and love seeing how ideas fit together. We use assessments like this in our organization to help our teams work together more effectively, and the AMA personality test is one that our Marketing team could use to work better together!”
-Jeff Price, Chief Operating Officer, Baltimore, MD
“I found the personality traits of marketers to be extremely insightful. The results are pretty much accurate in comparison to who I am and how I work. I like how the results give pointers of what to watch for and how to balance yourself out in some cases. It's similar to other personality trait assessments, but with cool terminology and insight for today's marketers! I would highly recommend all marketers take the assessment!”
-Jason Duhan, Advertising Coordinator, New Castle, DE
“The AMA Marketing Personality Test Report provided a very helpful assessment of my natural tendencies and how they relate to the Marketing function. I learned about my personality strengths and also areas that I should focus on along with suggested ways to improve. Very interesting test and the results accurately described my personality traits.”
-Denise Chua, VP, Marketing and Clinical Operations, Orange County, CA
"The AMA Marketing Personality Test covers a lot of ground and sheds useful and guiding insight into my professional behavior. Taking this personal inventory reminds me of how to better work for my company, and my personal happiness/relationships. I can't wait to share this with our President and encourage our team to try it and discuss."
-Tiffany Reaves, Sr. Account Director, Williamsburg, VA
“I just completed the AMA Personality Test and was impressed by the accuracy of the results. The test does more than tell you that you're an introvert or extrovert - it goes a step further by helping you understand the possible impact of your tendencies and preferences on your coworkers, work experience and career trajectory. Learning how to you manage weaknesses and maximize strengths is key to success and I feel as though the AMA Personality Test was a helpful tool”
-Katie Wetzel, Marketing Manager, Lancaster, PA
“I was impressed with the thoroughness of the AMA Personality Test and even more so with the results! I agreed with test’s assessment of my personality traits and greatly appreciated the tips of how to best communicate and operate. I sent this test out to my team. I’d be interested to where other team members fell and use this as a tool in our communication and collaboration.”
-Veronica B., Marketing Coordinator, Pittsburgh, PA
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